Courses for novice and intermediate women riders


Our courses will get you smiling, enjoying your bike riding and provide you with a rewarding and fun time in the process. Using a progressive approach, you can learn new skills or brush up on what you already know, whatever your ability.....we'll take your riding to the next level!

The courses are run by qualified and experienced instructors and coaches with a maximum of six riders per group, so we can focus on developing you as a rider......


Do you want to get the basic technical skills under your belt?

The 'Core Skills' Mountain Bike Course is for the riders that have either never ridden off-road before or want to brush up on their basic skills. This course is great for you if you're a rider who has a average level of general fitness and wants to get the most out of your riding and improve your skills. It will develop your technique and raise your riding confidence - no matter what your skill level.

Are you someone who:

  • has little confidence off-road?
  • rides in the saddle all the time?
  • gets anxious around small drops or obstacles?
  • uses a 'death grip' anytime your bike heads down hill?

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Then this is course for you! ...We'll cover:

  • Developing balance and body position
  • Braking skills and understanding traction
  • Effective climbing and safe descending techniques
  • Riding single track and small drop-offs
  • Riding  steps and roots


'Core Skills' Course details 

Venue: Woodbury Common.

Time: 9.30-13.00

Dates: Dates being finalised.

Cost: £40 per 2hr session.

Contact us to find out more and book a place.

"I've always been a bit reluctant to leave the road and go mountainbiking, but today has changed this, I want to do more!"

Do you want to develop more advanced biking skills?

The 'Developing Rider' course is for more confident intermediate riders, with a good level of fitness. We'll enable you to ride more technical and more challenging terrain in just a few hours. We'll get you riding faster, more confidently and in control. With our local knowledge, we can get you to the best biking trails for developing your skills and riding techniques and have a whole load of fun along the way!

Do you already:

  • Glide along single track?
  • Roll over most obtacles?
  • Carry speed through rougher sections of trail?
  • Use SPD's?


Then this is the course for you! ...We'll cover:

  • Maintaining speed through corners
  • Steep or loose descents
  • Harder technical climbs
  • Steep drop-offs


'Developing Rider' Course details 

Venue: Woodbury Common

Time: 9.30-4.30

Dates: Dates being finalised

Cost: £80 per day.

Contact us to find out more and book a place.

"Once again Chris delivered his usual combination of lucid instruction and practical demonstration of the basic MTB skills. A thoroughly enjoyable day, ...and excellent weather as a bonus."