Why you need to service your bike

Like any vehicle, your bicycle is a machine that needs regular cleaning, checking and adjusting to remain safe, it will also tell you if it needs attention - if it works properly, it is a pleasure to ride.

Checks before every ride: tyres inflated to correct pressure and wheels running freely;  steering, brakes and pedals are working and adjusted correctly; chain and gears are working correctly and lubricated.

You can check for problems by listening every time you ride too… when working well, your bike should run quietly.  There may be the buzzing noise of the tyres and chain working, but any clicking or squeaking noises will indicate that something needs adjusting or replacing.

The service interval will depend on how often you ride your bike and how well you look after it! If you need help or impartial advice, get in touch.

There are 4 different levels of servicing that we offer:

Bike clean and safety check

Dependant on the weather, the terrain and the duration of your rides will all influence how often you need to clean your bike.  If mainly riding on dry roads, clean, degrease and lubricate every 5 – 10 times you ride.  However, if  off-road and muddy, or for long road rides in the rain, do this after every time you ride.  There are tell-tail signs that indicate when the bike needs cleaning (or servicing) as the gears may not change smoothly, or the brakes are not working as efficiently or, the chain squeaks or is caked in grime! 

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Basic service

Consider this as your bikes MOT - a full safety check.  For bikes that are not used very often or just for local trips, this may be all you need on an annual basis – as long as you carry out regular cleans and checks as detailed above, between basic services.  

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Standard service

This is for more regular users and will need to be carried out more often depending on the distance, time and terrain you use your bike; however we would recommend certainly every 2 years for bikes not used very often.

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Full service

This is the service for the bike that is used regularly and is worked hard!  A comprehensive service that ensures that all bearings and moving parts are clean, lubricated, adjusted correctly and working effectively.  This will include removal of the bike’s major components to inspect and adjust where necessary and also include minor wheel straightening.

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