Electric bikes

Why does Execel promote the use of Electric Bikes: 

Electric power assisted bikes have benefits for a wide range of cyclists:

  • Cyclist who would like to use bikes for a journey but who would struggle with the distance or terrain;
  • Bikers already using their bikes for some journeys, but who want to increase the number of journeys or tackle longer ones.
  • Those who need to change their lifestyle for health reasons and want regular exercise without overdoing it, and recognise the benefits of cycling.

So whether you are new to cycling or are already a regular cyclist, the 'e-bike' provides you with the right balance of exercise and assistance enabling you to make more of your journeys on two wheels.


There are two ways of powering Electric Bikes: 

Both have their advantages, but there's a clear winner in terms of efficiency, safety, ease of use and reliability.

  • Twist & Go (Full Power/Hub motor) The easy way to build a powered bike is to put the motor in one of the wheels, hook it up to a battery and control power via a throttle. The big advantage is there is often no need to pedal, but you will need a bigger battery to cover the same distance. There are often noise and other ergonomic issues to consider.
  • Pedal Assist (Power Assist/Pedelec/Centre Motor/Crank drive) This is the best way to power an electric bike. A centre motor (as used in motorcycles) will efficiently multiply your own pedal power giving you total control over the motor at all times, a wider choice of gears and brakes plus far greater reliability and range, superior efficiency and hill-climbing. That's the theory - in practice it's a bike you'll want to ride every day.

COMFORTABLE, FAST, ELEGANT – E-bikes. Electric bikes from EXECEL offer the ideal combination of mobility and comfort. As soon as you start pedalling an electric bike or pedelec, a powerful yet quiet electric motor helps propel you forward.


Try an E-Bike Off-Road:

What better time to test the off-road capabilities of the Leeds Tour model.

The Leeds Tour is a 26" wheel, MTB style e-bike.

With some quick changes it can soon be made into an all weather, all terrain mountain bike!