Commuting by Bike

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Commuter Tutors

Thinking about using your bike to commute and would like to talk about booking a course with one of our 'Commuter Tutors?' Get in touch and we can advise you on the best way to get started,

...we'll even come and ride to work with you and show you the best routes!


Alternatively, you might like to talk to us about organising a group session for your employees.

The sessions will be tailored to the individual or group, but could examine:

  • The benefits of commuting by bike

  • Basic bike and clothing checks and securing your bike

  • Choosing or adapting bikes for commuting

  • Finding new and scenic or enjoyable routes to work

  • Assertive cycling in traffic

  • Carrying what you need for work

  • Nuitrition

  • Appropriate clothing for your journey

Contact us to find out more.


Why such a big increase in cycling?

There are a fast growing number of people who are deciding to cycle to work or school; to ride to the shops or meet friends. The motivation to use a bike can be very personal, but probably down to recognising some of the benefits:


With ever increasing fuel prices, it makes sense to use a bike as a more cost effective method of transport. Especially when around 70% of all car journey's are less than 2 miles!


With rising CO2 emissions and depleting fossil fuels, a sustainable mode of transport is essential, we can all 'do our bit' by choosing to travel by bike more often.


With an increasing demand on 'me' time, finding time to exercise can be difficult. So cycling to work or school can be part of your weekly exercise, combined with your transport.

The National Health Service recognise the impact cycling can have, as a key method for improving health and activity levels in all age groups, cost effectively targeting 'preventative care' through regular exercise, rather than 'reactive care' when it's a bit late!