How can massage benefit you?

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  • By reducings muscle tension
  • Improving muscle tone and flexibility
  • As an aid to postural correction and muscle rebalancing
  • Enabling relief from muscular aches and pains
  • Helping rehabilitation and prevention of injury
  • Improving circulation
  • Reduction of stress

Treatment Cost


45 minute: 


75 minute: 



60 minute: 


1:1 or 1:2



Darren Bradley started practising sports massage in 1996 as a career change.  The initial reason for studying and qualifying was for self help following numerous muscular injuries in his sports - running and cycling; his ability and face are well known on the roads and at competitions within the south west.  Such was the impact of what could be achieved with the hands that helping others became a passion.

Since starting he has continuously provided a comprehensive treatment to many professional sports people and the general public.  He was a professional adviser and therapist to the Great Britain cycling team during 1997 and has also worked with professional football teams and been involved with the south west’s elite squash players - some of whom are now playing on the world circuit.

His involvement in running, cycling, coaching and competing has been invaluable in comprehending the needs, mentally and physically of all sporting individuals, resolving their problems and ensuring a swift return to fitness.

Many of the sport orientated clients find that this form of massage is excellent in helping to prevent muscular problems arising and therefore they remain injury free for longer.  Others find the increased “ feel-good” factor  following treatment helps promote confidence or eases the stresses and strains of our hectic lives.

Darren’s fundamental belief that poor core stability, posture, habitual actions and body awareness leads to many muscular problems is the reasoning behind marrying massage and pilates.  He qualified with The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, world leaders in modified pilates and rehabilitation training.

Darren specialises in deep tissue work, manipulation, stretching and rebalancing of muscles in order to help restore natural posture and relieve muscular disorders.  Some discomfort maybe experienced when breaking down knots and adhesions in muscles.  Corrective pilates based exercises are often recommended along with the option to attend one of his pilates classes.

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